IUD insertion and removal is done in the office, and you may return to normal activity immediately. The IUD or Intrauterine Device is a non-permanent method of birth control that is placed into the uterine cavity by your physician.    There are two IUD’s available, the Paragard T, and the Mirena.
The ParaGard T may last for 10 years  and is wrapped in copper wire. The Mirena may last for 5 years and has a hormone, progestin, in the IUD. The Mirena is frequently chosen by women who have heavier menstrual periods. This is a photo of the ParaGard T.


The IUD is a good choice for birth control for women who have had children and who do not want to or cannot take birth control pills.  The IUD is usually inserted during your menstrual period. Because of cramping during the procedure, some physicians, including Dr. Biggerstaff, will administer a nerve block to minimize pain. Whether or not you should consider an IUD and which IUD should be discussed with your physician. For other birth control options, go to birth control methods.