Fibroids Surgery

Fibroids are found in many women, frequently without the woman knowing they are there. If fibroids need to be removed (a procedure called myomectomy), there are several choices for surgery. The factors taken into consideration in making this choice include:

  • the number and the size of the fibroids
  • the location of the fibroids
  • whether or not future pregnancy is desired


Fibroids located inside of the uterus can frequently be removed at hysteroscopy. This avoids any abdominal incisions and makes recovery much faster.

Fibroids located in the muscle of and on the surface of the uterus need to be removed at laparoscopy or laparotomy. Laparoscopy is a good choice if the number of fiborids is small and the size limited. With multiple large fibroids, laparotomy is the best procedure. Even with a larger incision at laparotomy, most of Dr. Biggerstaff’s patients are able to go home the following day. Because of possible complications and outcome, Dr. Biggerstaff rarely encourages embolization of fibroids.