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This photo was taken Saturday morning on a 3-mile (easy)walk near my home. To get to the point about the doctor is a patient, I started having mild flank (over the kidney) pain about 6 months ago. I tend to ignore (deny) symptoms unless they interfere with normal activity. Over time the discomfort worsened, so I ordered a CT scan and found I had gallstones. Asymptomatic gallstones may be watched, but there is a risk of blocking the duct leading from the gallbladder which results in acute pain and a surgical emergency. There is also a risk of acute pancreatitis which can be a life-threatening emergency. I had an appointment with the general surgeon of my choosing and the surgery was scheduled. Approaching the day of surgery (this past Friday), I must admit I was a little nervous. Everyone at Candler Hospital was very professional and got a 10/10 rating from someone who is not always easy to please. A little versed in Day Surgery took the edge off and also made my recollection of the whole process foggy. I remember Vicki, Adrienne, Lorraine, and Tim (Dr. Wallace), and of course, (Dr.) Jeff Mandell (the surgeon); but do not remember anything else until I was in Recovery under Lori’s care. My final stop was The 23-hour Unit with Dee as my caregiver. My sincere thanks to all those mentioned and those not mentioned for my exceptional care. I took one pain pill at bedtime that night – did not really need it. Today is a full day in the office. Minimally-invasive surgery is amazing! One last thought, “In God I Trust.”

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